Barren: Wasteland Memories



What is Barren: Wasteland Memories?
Barren: Wasteland Memories is a side-scrolling action game with top-down rpg elements. The story takes place in the year 2014; A police officer is chasing a dangerous criminal when the world is thrown into turmoil by an asteroid impact. As a result, both characters are stricken with amnesia. They must now journey forth into the desolate wasteland that is the remains of the world, and gain access to facilities that will restore their memories.

How big is the world?
There are five major towns in Barren: Wasteland Memories. Each has its own story and problems that need solved. These towns are spread out over a relatively large overworld area. In addition to the major towns, there are several minor areas hidden throughout the world that the player can explore.

What is there to do in Barren: Wasteland Memories?
Explore over 40 full side view maps and discover secret areas that can present difficult challenges for more experienced players. There are 4 major powerups to acquire as you venture forth, all of which will be vital to your success. During your adventure, you will have to battle over 15 challenging monsters, and overcome 5 vicious bosses.

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